Kitchen Scrubby Soap

Kitchen Scrubby Soap

If you love to cook, this may be the soap for you! How many times have you finished cooking a meal, only to find that garlic, fish, and other odors are still on your hands?

These soaps are made with strong brewed coffee, which help to remove these odors. Fresh coffee grounds are also added to help get the grease & dirt off!


Kitchen Scrubby Soaps have no added fragrance, but have a natural scent from the coffee.

Ingredients: coffee, lard, coconut oil, olive oil, canola oil, sodium hydroxide, tallow, shea butter, colorant, rosemary oil extract

Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

Sometimes you just don't have access to soap and water to clean your hands. Hand sanitizer is the perfect way to keep your hands germ-free while you are on the go. This hand sanitizer is made with 69% alcohol and scented with natural lavender and orange essential oils for a calming, clean scent. This 2oz spray bottle is the perfect size to slip in your pocket or stash in your purse. Keep dangerous germs at bay with Nordea Soaperie hand sanitizer!

Ingredients: sd alcohol, aloe vera juice, glycerin, distilled water, essential oil

Room Spray

Room Spray (4oz)

This is the perfect way to scent the room without an open flame. Liberally spray in the room after cooking, or in the bathroom. Lavender is nice to spray in childrens' room before bedtime.

Your choice of Soothing Lavender, Spiced Orange, or Winter Forest.

Ingredients: distilled water, SD alcohol, essential/fragrance oil

Scented Sachet

Scented Sachet

These cute little sachets are perfect for adding a touch of fragrance to dressers, closets, glove compartments, or even inside stinky gym bags.

All of the sachets are hand embroidered with one of four designs. Keep in mind that the design colors may vary from the sachets in the picture.

Ingredients: scented with lavender essential oil